Yulin Wang MD
Internist, Primary Care Physician (PCP)
Flushing, NY

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Yulin Wang, MD, Internal Medicine Doctor

Certification badge from the American Board of Internal Medicine Dr. Wang is an internal medicine doctor in Flushing, NY. He has extensive clinical experience in internal medicine, and is authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to provide medical exams for immigrants. Dr. Wang has been an attending physician for over eight years, and has significant experience in diagnosis and treatment of intractable diseases. Dr. Wang's clinic focuses on the health and happiness of his patients, while still being affordable.

Dr. Wang recieved his MD from Peking Union Medical College, in Beijing, China. He conducted post-doctorate research at the Department of Pain and Drug Addition at Temple University School of Medicine, in Philadelphia, PA. There, he published several research papers in the Journal of Medical Research.

He completed inpatient training at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJ). He served as a doctor of internal medicine there for nearly ten years, gaining clinical experience in dealing with severe and chronic illness. He recieved the Best Patient Service Award at LIJ, and is is known for his meticulous and enthusiastic treatment of patients there.

Dr. Wang is a Distinguished Clinical Professor at Hosftra School of Medicine, and he has been responsible for the clinical and residential medical programs there for many years. He recieved an award for Clinical Teaching Excellence for his outstanding educational acheivements and tutoring of nurse practitioners.

Dr. Wang is a member of several professional medical associations in the United States, as well as a member of the American College of Physicians (ACP). Not only does he have years of experience in diagnosis and treatment of severe illnesses, but also the prevention and management of various chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and others.


Green Card Medical Exams, Vaccination, and more

We provide a comprehensive array of services for family care

Immigration Medical Exams

  • We are authorized by USCIS to provide immigration medical exams!
  • US Visa applicants must pass a physical exam before a visa may be issued. We provide quick, inexpensive, and complete exams for patients looking to become citizens or obtain a green card.
  • You will need:
    Form I-693
    A photo ID, such as a passport or driver's license.
    Any available records of vaccination.
    We will help you complete your I-693!
  • If you need an immigration medical exam, schedule an appointment now!

    Call Us: (917) 540-WANG (9264)




Dr. Wang has extensive and broad reaching experience. He has been an attending physician for more than 7 years and has accumulated considerable knowledge of intractable diseases.


Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Dr. Wang can help treat chronic conditions such as vascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and chronic pain.


Available Testing

Our clinic can provide: electrocardiograms, ultrasounds, blood tests, urine tests, pregnancy tests, and others.


Treatment of Common Problems

We can provide treatment for dizziness, tinnitus, cold and cough, and influenza. We also provide flu shot.


Treatment of other diseases

We can help treat skin diseases, anemia, stomach diseases, urethritis, thyroid disease, heart disease and stroke, hepatitis, and sexually transmitted diseases.


Physical Exams

Our clinic offers a variety of medical examinations, including physical exams for immigrants, students, nurses, and annual physical checkups.

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We are located in Flushing, opposite side of the Queens Library.


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