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Dr. Yulin Wang

USCIS Civil Surgeon

We are authorized by USCIS to provide immigration medical exams. Dr. Yulin Wang is an USCIS Designated Civil Surgeon, who is an USCIS appointed doctor to perform the medical exams required for Green Card applicants.

Dr.Yulin Wang's Family Clinic is conveniently located in downtown flushing, close to public transportation and parkings.

We offers competitive pricing on Immigration medical exam and provides all the tests and vaccinations needed to complete the I-693 forms per USCIS requirements.

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New COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Effective October 1st, 2021
The USCIS and CDC has updated vaccination requirements for the USCIS Immigration Medical Exam (Green Card Medical Exam)
The new requirement will require all Green Card applicants to be fully vaccinated agains COVID-19
Dr. Wang strongly recommend all eligible personals to be vaccinated regardless of this requirement immigration requirement
The vaccine is widely available in the region through official vaccination sites and is free
Due to vaccine allocation constrains, our clinic cannot offer COVID-19 vaccine, please have your proof of completed COVID-19 vaccine ready when coming to our clinic for the USCIS immigration exam

If you need to find a NY state and city operated vaccination site to recieve the COVID-19 vaccine for free. Please use the button below

NY State Vaccine Finder NY City Vaccine Finder

If assistant is needed, please feel free to give us a call, we can help you schedule your vaccination appointment.

Currently, per USCIS and CDC guidelines, only the following COVID-19 vaccine can be accepted for the USCIS Immigration Medical Exam

1. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
Two Shots of Total, 21 days in between
- or -
2. Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
Two Shots of Total, 28 days in between
- or -
3. Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine
Only require 1 Shot

Waivers for the COVID-19 vaccine is available under special circumstances, please consult with your immigration attorney for details.

What Is a USCIS Medical Exam?

Everthing you need to know before the exam.

What to Bring to the Exam

During the Exam

  • The medical examination entails a review of your medical history and a physical examination.
  • The doctor will also test for communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, and gonorrhea.
  • After the exam, the doctor will complete Form I-693 and seal the form in an envelope for you to submit to USCIS.

How Much does Immigration Physical Exam Cost?

It depends! Unlike other service providers who will charge you a maybe-all-inclusive price for tasks needed to complete the immigration physical exam, we will evaluate your current situation to determin what you need (and what you don't need).
Free Consultation: (917) 540-9264
In general, your cost for completing the entire exam process will vary depending many factors
here are the popular ones:

  • Have you previously completed the immigration physical exam but the form I-693 expired?

    Even if your past I-693 is expired, you might be able to resuse some information from your previous exam.

  • What is your age group?

    USCIS has different immunization requirements for different age group, this will affact your cost for the immigration phyical exam espically if you have missed immunization requirements or cannot provide an immunization record.

  • Do you have a complete immunization record?

    Not being able to provide your immunization record does not mean you have to get all the vaccines from the start. Many vaccines can be determined from testing for additional antibodies in your blood (a blood test is mandortory for all USCIS Immigration medical exam). However, since the cost of the vaccines varies as the pharmaceutical market fluctuates, sometimes its just more economical, simpler and quicker to get the shot. In most situations there is no harm to get the same vacine twice, but we always recommend that you contact us or a qualified healthcare provider before getting any vaccination.

  • Do you have active health insurance?

    The USCIS Immigration Medical Exam itself is almost never covered by your health insurance plan, but Dr. Wang can and is willing to works with your current family doctor (PCP) and insurance provider directly to try to find some saving opportunities, this is espically true for vaccinations. Just give Dr. Wang a call if you have any question or concern.

  • Are you in a hurry?

    Generally, blood test is the most time consuming task in the entire process, some diagnostic items requires at least 48 hours to complete. Depending on your situation, we can offer a few alternatives to complete this task as effciently as possible.

  • Above are just the few reasons we recommend our clients to contact us over the phone prior to their visit, we have also partenerd with local and regional pharmacies and laboratories to offer some of the best savings available on your Immigration Medical Exam.

    Free Consultation: (917) 540-9264

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    If you have questions, don't hesitate to call us at:
    +1 (917) 540-9264
    We are here to answer any questions you might have on the immigration exam process